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You're reading this notice on VoxOTiST, an interconnected blogging platform for writing and publishing, powered by WriteFreely. These sites are managed and owned by Thomas Clothier, a South African living in Asia. Continue reading if you're considering joining a federated platform.

Sovereign Sites
These platforms form part of the fediverse, a network of independent servers. Via common communication protocols, users on independent servers are able to connect with one another. Users can also move freely between servers, or set up their own servers as gateways to the network. Everything you post should be considered permanent. The content may remain on another server for an indeterminable period of time.

Managing your own server gives you sovereign control over your digital actions. If doing that is not for you, then join a server run by people upon whom you can rely to manage the server to your liking. Your choice will determine the kind of access you have to the network, because admins sometimes limit or block domains that host activities which they, or their users, elect to avoid dealing with.

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We prefer that you are known by us, first. You may also want to learn about the different sites and what they offer users.

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WriteFreely is a self-hosted, decentralized blogging platform for publishing beautiful, simple blogs.

It lets you publish a single blog, or host a community of writers who can create multiple blogs under one account. You can also enable federation, which allows people in the fediverse to follow your blog, bookmark your posts, and share them with others.