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The following contains information about registering and the use of all of my websites. This is not an exhaustive description for any purpose other than to inform.

You are currently reading this notice on Vox OTiST, an interconnected blogging platform for writing and publishing, powered by WriteFreely. To publish on this site, or to register as a user at any of my social networking sites, please continue reading.

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  1. Whereas the choice to maintain ones anonymity is fundamental to free expression, by joining any platform, you lose some degree of both anonymity and free expression. You are governed by the preferences of the community and decisions of the owner of any site. For this reason, I encourage anyone reading this, to learn how to run their own platform. Doing so is not very hard. I might be able to share what I know to help you achieve that.
  2. The basic features of Hubzilla are made available at TrustSocial|st, gratis. If you need all of its features, this can be enabled. A donation will help me cover the added costs of storage and bandwidth demanded by those premium features.
  3. Vox OTiST, esc* and Quotist: Enjoy. Donate as your heart directs you.
  4. Personal Data and Convenient access to the service: Should you decide to provide a working e-mail, you will receive notifications in advance of scheduled downtime for maintenance. You will always be in able to back up most or all of your own data (followers, posts, media) and later transfer such data out to another site. The responsibility for doing this is entirely your own, but I will assist you in that regard. Please plan for unforeseen disruptions or complete suspension of the service, as some factors will always remain outside our control.
  5. Knowledge with Anonymity: To avoid bringing on board those that may add little value to the known fediverse, I prefer to know something about who is using my sites. By way of first introductions, I join either Truthfedi telegram group, or VKontakte community. If you already have a fedi handle, you can find me here:
    Pleroma oti@oti.st or Hubzilla thomas@truthsocial.st
  6. Should you need my PGP public key, download and import it from this PGP public key link, then verify key details against this fingerprint
    F59F DDDE A6F2 D9C7 42D5 5932 2337 59C5 995E 4F47
    Verify owned sites, identity (the same PGP key) on keybase.
  7. If you must, use this e-mail

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