Sovereign Notice

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You're reading this notice on VoxOTiST, an interconnected blogging platform for writing and publishing, powered by WriteFreely. The sites are managed and owned by Thomas Clothier, a South African living in Asia. Continue reading if you're considering joining a federated platform.

Sovereign Sites
These social platform sites 'federate' with the fediverse, a network of independent servers. Via common communication protocols, users on independent servers are able to connect with one another. Users can also move freely between servers, or set up their own servers to serve as a gateway to the network. You are advised to read, carefully, all the terms applicable to any platform before you join and use the services. Because servers are independent, and federated, everything you post should be considered permanent. Even after you delete content on our server, the content may remain on another server for an indeterminable period of time.

Invitation Codes

  1. Managing your own platform is the ultimate way to exercise 'sovereign' control over your digital actions. When you join any platform, you lose some degree of sovereignty. Join a server run by someone you have confidence in and can trust to manage the platform to your liking. Your choice will determine the kind of access to the network, because admins sometimes limit or block domains that host activities which they, or their users, elect to avoid dealing with.
  2. From the ZovOTiST domain, connect to users on thousands of sites through the ActivityPub protocol and popular micro-blogging software known as Rebased and Soapbox. Rebased is a fork of Pleroma, with new features.
  3. At VozOTiST, find a Funkwhale instance, serving audio content for lectures or private study. It is accessible to my colleagues and registered students. Contact me in person, on telegram, or on VK, about elevating any type of permission.
  4. At the domain TruthSocial|st, discover interesting news feeds, forums, and personal profile posts. The site is powered by Hubzilla's open source software, and connects to other servers via the (ActivityPub & Zot protocols). The basic features of Hubzilla are made available at TruthSocial|st, gratis. If you plan to run a community forum, or curate news feeds and serve those stories to the fediverse, you can request additional features.
  5. Personal Data and Convenient access to the service: Users can move to another site at any time. Convenient transfer of followers is a feature of Pleroma and Hubzilla. On any platform, the consequences of sharing data publicly is important to consider. For this and other reasons, only adults should use the sites. In the case of voz (Funkwhale), students are supervised by parents or teachers and no personal information is shared via their profiles. The Funkwhale server also doesn't federate to the network. For the rest of the sites, once anything is shared, you relinquish full control over it. I do not use data without permission.
  6. Limited Invitations: Be known and trusted. Join the Telegram group or VKontakte community. My handles:
    Pleroma @bushgrad@zov.oti.st Hubzilla @bushgrad@truthsocial.st Twitter @zovotist or @zov_oti_st Keybase: @bushgrad
  7. If you need my PGP public key, download and import it from this PGP public key link, then verify key details against this fingerprint
    F59F DDDE A6F2 D9C7 42D5 5932 2337 59C5 995E 4F47
    Verify owned sites, identity (the same PGP key) on keybase.
  8. If you must, use this E-mail

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