George Orwell โ€“ an Essay & Novella

In this short novel by Orwell, we meet a group of farm animals that rebel against their human farmer. It is their idea they will create a society where the animals can be equal, free, and happy. In the end, however, this very good idea fails, and the farm is worse than it was before. 1

Orwell wrote the book between November 1943 and February 1944, when the UK was in its wartime alliance with the Soviet Union and the British people and intelligentsia held Stalin in high esteem, a phenomenon Orwell hated. 2

Although the manuscript was at first rejected by publishers in England, it became a big hit and is still read by children and adults across the world. People think it is always relevant because the characters reflect typical human characteristics and foolishness. Because the characters are animals, it is categorized as a beast fable. Orwell explains his view in one of his essays that all art has a social and political motive to convince the audience of a particular point of view.3 In the essay, Why I Write, Orwell mentioned Animal Farm as the first novel in which he purposefully set out to send a political message through his writing.

Orwell, George. Animal Farm โ€“ The Graphic Novel

Animal Farm โ€“ The Graphic Novel Adapted and illustrated by Odyr

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The audiobook of the full novel is available at Open Rights Library.

This is a reading of the essay, Why I Write by George Orwell:
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