Use CryptPad to write and submit your work.

  1. Visit the profile at CryptPad.
  2. A box will appear at the bottom right side of the screen: "You need to log in to add this user to your contacts."
  3. Sign up.
  4. After the connection is accepted, you can click on your avatar (top right) and find the contacts link.
  5. Create content: click 'New' and then 'Rich Text'. Write as you wish. A normal document is created and automatically saved.
  6. Share content for review: Click 'New+' - Create a folder. Give it a name, for example, [student name]_[teacher]. The name of the folder will show in your drive and in mine. Right-click the new folder name and 'OK enter'. Wait a few seconds. Access rights, Edit. Click on the contact/s you want to share folder content with. The folder is still empty. Drag any content into the folder, and the person with whom you are sharing that folder, will be able to read and/or edit the same document.

Students, you can check out these useful videos. See you in class!

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