The Super Life of Ben Braver by Marcus Emerson

For the next few weeks, we will be reading the first in a series of hilarious books about Ben Braver. He is a boy with a good reason for failing to fit in. His classmates all have special abilities, but he doesn't. This particular adventure begins with a peanut buttercup. You will never believe any of it!

Sketch from Chapter 53 The Super Life of Ben Braver, Book I

The Plan

Our main goal is to learn a lot of funny words by reading the text and completing worksheets together in class. As we go along, we will do our best to stop laughing. As your teacher, I should set realistic expectations, and so I should remark that the first of our goals is achievable (how many is 'a lot') but the second one might not be.

Students are urged to read ten chapters before each class, and the same chapters will be covered again in class. Bring your copies of the book or e-book to class with you, as well as all your questions. Registered students can click the Class Time content for further guidance.

See you in class!

Suggested support material
  1. Marcus Emerson, 2020 The Super Life of Ben Braver RoaringBookPress Ebook
  2. Marcus Emerson, 2020 The Super Life of Ben Braver TantorAudio Audiobook
  3. Marcus Emerson Official Author's site
  4. Class time content

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