Cobalt Hell: The Dangers of Mining in DRC (RT Documentary)

The Cobalt Hell documentary unveils the dangers of cobalt mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This mineral is essential for making gadgets like smartphones and laptops, and necessary in transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

The sad part is people who supply this mineral are not likely to benefit from cobalt's unique properties any time soon. Miners in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the bulk of the world's cobalt is found, are forced to extract and process the ore by hand, which causes serious health problems and environmental pollution. The minerals are cleaned in river water, which pollutes it. Though there is no specific research, there's a direct correlation between some widespread illnesses among mineral mine workers and the overall health level of the population.

Also, a lot of children work in quarries and pregnant women. Children exposed to cobalt ore often have a problem with delayed growth. They either grow slower or, at some point, stop growing at all. As for pregnant women, there are occasional deformities in newborns. So if a pregnant woman is working in a quarry, her baby might have fetal abnormalities or be stillborn.

Watch the film to get more perspective on the situation. 2

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1. Video source: RTD 2. Alternative: RTD Official channel on Odysee

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