Our Eden

A month ago, angels began filling this place with sounds of joy and music with love and light. Your thoughtfulness would have it no other way: You share one room and Daddy must have his own. My concerns assuaged - each night after school, or weekends when the baby visits My heart nestles in the warmth of your voices filling our place from yours to the next room So much more than ever before, you huddle up together, excitedly one's words rushing over the other's like babbling rocks in a stream the words of the local tongue, flow their meanings, mostly lost to me I play a game on my own, smile invading my lips Is she disapproving, or is she excited by something a friend said or protesting some unfair admonishment by a teacher Alone at my table i know only that you're growing well, you're talented, pouring light everywhere you go and I am at once immensely proud of you, overwhelmed by Love and baffled, why I was bestowed with such Gifts it is some mistake that I share in this joy by some lottery that I have been counted as worthy of all this. How so much Love supplants the agents of my decay that come creeping, tucked away in darkness, under a sink, in my dirty old bones, silently gestating by the million. Our antidote is that we thrive in spite of all that dank dirt, coming eventually to draw a curtain on our stage These acts of Love Light and Music performed before my tear-filled eyes and my aching regretful heart, poorly fathomed by my cluttered mind By Grace, out of all this, grows such as You that when another Act is cued, You will remember this Light.

trumanity, 24 March 2019

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