Popcorn Blossom

Do you mourn your pink children? Once, born perfectly on your fingertips in full bloom, huddled in your stubbled embrace whereupon mid-spring's pernicious breeze fell to their duty and to their rest. They laid a path for a million lovers' aimless, self-obsessed moments in the fast, fleeting fanfare of popcorn 'til the first season of wind and storm separated the wanderers again. Mourn innumerable seasons for wind's cold force against a face We're drifting all, away and witnessing All blossoms fall and must leave stark black lines standing And they, childlike, crushed underfoot, dye on far away paths.

trumanity, 19 April 2018

Plum Blossom by Beijing Photographer, Lisheng Chang on Unsplash #poetry #eveningwalks

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