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Sold at news-stands Painted on billboards Heard on the news until you sleep

Where it all lies, lies the truth It lies and life is still lived

Lies buried in the untethered Heavily chained in the material Their choice to fly freely in spirit Lies in the havens of the living

When a hand reaches and another answers Daring fearlessly, The unsanitized hand

All lies before them, and yet Of no effect except in the heart racing, hands grasping Tug away, grasp again firmly ...

Those who thirst most, dare most They claim everything and offer nothing for compromise.

trumanity, 14 Dec 2021

Photo Two Hands About to Hold, Greyscale, BRA by Rodolfo ClixPexels, Free to Use Also @cent

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She used to be oblivious to cruelty Now, she is grown and beginning to see All that is hers she makes her own Things granted, every repetition, are potential lies, every friend a potential foe, and family, a secure bet

Sure, you may think something has left her but something has dawned upon her, her face may be less gleeful, but she has a gem dug out from deep inside of her a realization she has held up to the light cast its shadow against the world, and now she has grown pensive.

Will I have to leave?

No. You will go where I go. And one day, I will go where you go. We are not forced, we stand our ground Even when we leave, we win something We create our Eden wherever we go.

All of her anger seemed dissipated now as though evaporated from the surface of a hot tarmac in the Korean summer heat

I asked her to call on those who had helped her in her time of need. Supported her. Thank them, once all of this doubt is water under a bridge i wanted to tell her also that there will be more floods, no, rapids. But that realization will dawn on its own.

For now, there is Wednesday I bit my lip

Yes, I will call him on Wednesday No. You will not leave. I have been here, defending you. This is your place. Your Eden. You will defend it one day When I can no longer defend it

trumanity, 24 Jan 2024

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I thought that sharing this template might save someone, some time, some day. I know too little about CSS code to solve some of the issues I encountered applying the other solutions. By comparison, this is a simple method, easily learned for later application.

Read the source document (link below) to understand the logic behind the code. Briefly, to move to a lower class of ordered list class <ol>, leave the list <li> 'hanging' when opening another <ol> and close each list using </li> only when that ordered list numbering is complete. Only display size is determined by the heading markers here: <h2> </h2>. In Write Freely environment, the post title is still defined by placing a hash character, followed by a space, before the very first line of the post: # Post Title.

Here is the code template:

<h2>Benefits of Dancing</h2>
<p>Paragraph text here.</p>
<ol><h2><li>Physical</h1><ol type="a"><!-- 'hanging' </li> tag, closing tag not here! -->
  <h3><li>Major Detail 1.1</h3><ol type="i"><!-- 'hanging' </li> tag, closing tag not here! -->
        <h4><li>Minor Detail</h4></li>
       <h4><li>Minor Detail</h4></li></ol>
    <h3><li>Major Detail 1.2</h3></li><ul><!-- Here's the closing </li> tag -->
          <h4><li>Minor bullet</h4></li></ul></ol>

<h2><li>Psychological</h1><ol type="a"><!-- 'hanging' </li> tag, closing tag not here! -->
   <h3><li>Major Detail 2.1</h3><ol type="i"><!-- 'hanging' </li> tag, closing tag not here! -->
        <h4><li>Minor Detail</h4></li>
        <h4><li>Minor Detail</h4></li></ol>
   <h3><li>Major Detail 2.2</h3></li><ol type="i"><!-- Here's the closing </li> tag -->
           <h4><li>Minor Detail</h4></li></ol></ol>

<h2><li>Social</h1></li><ol type="a"><!-- Here's the closing </li> tag -->
    <h3><li>Major Detail 3.1</h3><ol type="I"><!-- 'hanging' </li> tag, closing tag not here! -->
        <h4><li>Minor Detail</h4></li>
        <h4><li>Minor Detail</h4></li></ol>
    <h3><li>Major Detail 3.2</h3></li><ol type="i"><!-- Here's the closing </li> tag -->
            <h4><li>Minor Detail</h4></li></ol></ol>

In the example, mixed unordered (bullets) with ordered (numbered) lists. The upper case Roman and lower case Roman types are also useful.

Bullet markers will default in order: disc (1st order), circle (2nd order), square (3rd order), or none (4th order). The order can be overridden by expressly defining the bullet marker: <ul style="list-style-type:disc;">

The code above renders like this,

Benefits of Dancing

Paragraph text here.

  1. Physical
    1. Major Detail 1.1
      1. Minor Detail
      2. Minor Detail

    2. Major Detail 1.2
      • Minor bullet

  2. Psychological
    1. Major Detail 2.1
      1. Minor Detail
      2. Minor Detail

    2. Major Detail 2.2
      1. Minor Detail

  3. Social
    1. Major Detail 3.1
      1. Minor Detail
      2. Minor Detail

    2. Major Detail 3.2
      1. Minor Detail

    Find me on my Rebased server @bushgrad@zov.oti.st to let me know about omissions, errors, different solutions.

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    1. MDN Web Docs, Mozilla Foundation The Ordered List Element
    2. w3schools, Refsnes Data Unordered List element (type)


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  • System Installation & Post Installation

  • Yandex Browser working (playing videos)

  • Change the Yandex search engine to render English results.

Business article covering the history of Astra Linux Astra Linux Display (IMAGE: RusBITech)


  1. Astra Linux Common Edition Installation Essentials
    1. Nov 2022 – version: orel-
    2. GNU/Linux Distribution Astra Linux Common Edition Write to USB using ROSA Image Writer or similar Use the guided installation and follow the prompts (Guided LVM with encryption is advised). The Red Book addresses any questions outside the information in this post.

      Consider installing the latest 'generic kernel'. After installing, set your firewall or set it up during installation.

    3. Issues with repository after upgrade
    4. Open the Info Center from start menu and note the Astra Linux version Open Synaptic package manager and disable the old sources (repositories). Create a new source to correspond with the Info Center information.

      Astra Linux Common Edition 2.12.45






      stable main contrib non-free

      Astra Linux Common Edition 2.12.44






      stable main contrib non-free

      Reference latest links from the official site.

    5. Astra Linux links
    6. Get the ROSA Image writer for win/mac or Linux here.

      Download installation ISO at Mega Cloud.

      Astra Linux official user guide.

  2. Debian non-free Sources
  3. To install the Yandex Browser, you need the Debian (buster) sources. Additionally, the stretch sources may prove useful in future. Add these sources now, and enable them only for specific packages, and install packages with careful attention to warnings. Disable them after installing whatever you need.

    Hotkeys for terminal are Meta+t (you can change it – search for fly hotkeys editor in the start menu).

    1. Add The Sources
    2. Alt+T to open a terminal, then issue this to open the sources file for editing.

      sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

      Add these lines:

      deb http://deb.debian.org/debian/ stretch main contrib non-free
      deb http://deb.debian.org/debian/ stretch-updates main contrib non-free
      deb https://mirror.yandex.ru/debian/ buster main contrib non-free

    3. Import The Keys
    4. Enter these into the terminal one command at a time

      sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 648ACFD622F3D138

      sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 0E98404D386FA1D9

      sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 605C66F00D6C9793

      sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 112695A0E562B32A

      sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 54404762BBB6E853

      After adding the debian sources, update the sources.

      'sudo apt-get update'

      Now you can install this keyring from the debian sources

      sudo apt install debian-archive-keyring

  4. Yandex Browser
    1. Get the Yandex Package
    2. From the Astra Linux link, follow the “Other” link to download the Yandex Stable version or the Yandex Beta Linux deb package.

    3. Download and Install deb Package
    4. Open a terminal in the directory containing the deb package.

      cd ~/Downloads

      List the contents to see the name of the package


      (pay attention to the name of the downloaded Yandex-.deb package)


      sudo dpkg -i Yandex.deb

    5. Update FFMPEG
    6. If you installed the stable version of the browser:

      sudo /opt/yandex/browser/update-ffmpeg

      If you installed the beta version:

      sudo /opt/yandex/browser-beta/update-ffmpeg

    7. Install Other Libraries
    8. These are required for playing video from streaming sites or DRM protected content. First, enable buster sources. Then install the libraries.

      sudo apt update && sudo apt-get -t buster install libc6 libu2f-udev gstreamer1.0-libav

      Remember to disable the buster source after completing this step. Odysee videos should now play without any errors. You will need to reboot before DRM protected streaming services will work.

      This procedure is courtesy of the users at the Astra Linux Forum.

    9. Yandex Search Engine
    10. To allow for the Yandex Search engine to render English results instead of Russian ones, in the browser settings on the left of the Settings page, enter 'search engine' then Click 'Add' to create a new search engine link. Name the new entry: Yandex Provide a shortcut key eg.: yan Enter this link:


      Save the engine and set it as 'default'


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You appear and I bleed I feign caring less, anticipate your leaving and all the inevitable pain

I am no reading eyes, no listening ears My blood is a noisy clang cacophony a selfish hungry beast devouring all 'till real and dream converge and sown words fall on hard stone, on sweet earth

Thy onward march in days of burning light the nights darkening quiet 'till in Thy season of fulness tally to Thy joyful despair

I did all, said all and nothing self scorned, my rank soiled blood look then on me burned and decay send it all to gods, Dear

I deserved nothing despised everything Thy leaving and my staying about everything, I knew nothing Then and now in the days where I have gone.

trumanity, 16 Dec 2022

simon-berger-GFhWRx3xLhg-unsplash.jpg #poetry #eveningwalks


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Relevance Users of your instance need a login password-reset link or other notifications, sent to their private email address.

Considerations Sendmail, being one of the oldest, behaves well alongside other mail delivery setups. The configuration and files you are going to edit, are compatible with Postfix, for example.

Best practice is to do the following on a fresh setup, i.e. after installing or upgrading your OS, and before commencing installation of the actual website or instance.

IMPORTANT: Remember to do a back-up before making any changes to your precious server. This procedure may not work should your vps service have the smtp ports locked or when the receiving email client always rejects mail from your server.

Required Obtain from your email service, the SMTP host information and port information (587 or something else)

My domain registration provides this host: mail.gandi.net, for instance.


  1. Update, Install, Insert hostname $ = terminal, as user. #, terminal as root. Terminal commands – copy everything after the # or $ in this guide.

    $ su - root
    # apt update
    # apt install sendmail -y
    # hostname
    # hostname --fqdn

    [Remember this information, you may have to insert into [hostname] in the 'hosts' file]

    # nano /etc/hosts
 localhost [hostname] [hostname -fqdn] localhost [hostname] [hostname -fqdn] [edit if necessary, [hostname] (no square brackets), CTRL+x, Y, Enter

  2. E-mail Authentication

    # mkdir /etc/mail/authinfo
    # chmod -R 700 /etc/mail/authinfo
    # cd /etc/mail/authinfo
    # nano smtp-auth

    Add this to the file. Your actual full email (login), and password:

    AuthInfo: "U:root" "I:your@email.com" "P:your_email_password"

    Make a hash file,

    # sudo makemap hash smtp-auth < smtp-auth
  3. Configuration

    # cd /etc/mail

    Edit the text-block below, reflecting your own information. Important: change mail.host.yours.net to your own email host Leave port 587 as it is, unless your email service port is different. Then paste the edited text into the sendmail.me file, which you will edit (nano) now.

    # nano sendmail.mc

    Find this line “MAILER_DEFINITIONS” and paste the edited text-block immediately after that

    define(`RELAY_MAILER_ARGS', `TCP $h 587')dnl
    define(`ESMTP_MAILER_ARGS', `TCP $h 587')dnl
    define(`confAUTH_OPTIONS', `A p')dnl
    FEATURE(`authinfo',`hash -o /etc/mail/authinfo/smtp-auth.db')dnl
  4. Make, reload, restart

    # cd /etc/mail
    # make
    # /etc/init.d/sendmail reload
    # /etc/init.d/sendmail restart

    Test to see it works. Do this (you may need to run it a few times). Check your email to see if it is delivered. It may appear in your server email. Open THAT (nano) to see what errors show up. The command to run a test is:

    echo "My test email being sent from sendmail" | /usr/sbin/sendmail youname@yourmail.com

    Troubleshoot: check every step in this guide. Nano into every file to check your edits. Is the password, host, port and email, correct? Finally, do

    # sendmailconfig
    # /etc/init.d/sendmail restart

    Your Diaspora* instance should now send out an email for notifications. You can test it by logging out and checking the 'forgot password' link.

  5. Pleroma Moderator Panel (AdminFE) Of course, this only applies to a Pleroma instance. Get into this panel (soapbox, from Admin user's profile). “Moderator, or “AdminFE”. On the left of the AdminFE, locate these sections, and make these adjustments.

Settings, Mailer section. Pleroma.Emails.Mailer section

  • Toggle, Mailer: enabled
  • Adapter (dropdown), SMTP
  • Relay, mail.host.yours.net (as above)
  • Port, 465 (or as above)
  • Username, your@email.com (as above)
  • Password, youremailpassword (as above)
  • Use SSL, (enable if port 465)

I hope it works for you. Happy days!


  1. Cloudbooklet, 9 Aug 2021 Install Sendmail, Debian 10
  2. Diaspora Foundation Diaspora Wiki, Debian 10
  3. Suguru Hirahara, 28 Jan 2021 Progressive.blog.dev Install Diaspora, Debian 10

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from The Perpetual Learner

The Importance of Sleep

        Sleep is very important. Do you know why sleep is important to teenagers? The reason sleep is important for adolescents in the growing age is the recovery of body rhythms due to the vigorous activity of hormones. Growth hormones are mostly secreted during  the night, as regular and sufficient sleep plays a role in helping secretion of growth hormones by normalizing unstable or unbalanced biorhythm. This prevents the growth of adolescents from deteriorating and nurturing the growth of children growing up. 

Once she stopped rushing through life she was amazed how much more life she had time for.

        Also, insufficient sleep and unstable sleep conditions in adolescents impedes the secretion of growth hormone and eventually ceases growth. This leads to a smaller physique that is below average, and having a taller or body smaller than your peers leads to a lack of confidence. The person may suffer feelings of inferiority, which can develop into a more serious complex when they reach adulthood.

        Another problem is that due to lack of sleep, fatigue accumulates and causes grades to fall,  or it can also reduce brain activity in the midst of studying. In addition, patience is also lacking, making it emotionally easily intensifying, reducing the ability to curb impulses.

        Finally, sleep deprivation interferes with the creation and maintenance of new memories, and studies have shown that when this situation is old, memory drops and interferes with learning ability. Lack of sleep can also affect thinking and judgment by decreasing the function of the  frontal lobe.

        So when and how much should I sleep? It is recommended to be asleep deeply between 12p.m. and 5a.m. when hormonal secretion is vigorous. A teenager needs to get 8 to 9 hours of sleep.  It is important to get enough sleep to prevent these problems from happening.  Also, enough sleep is necessary for the mental and physical health of adolescents.

Article by Lyw56

Image: Once she stopped rushing through life she was amazed how much more life she had time for, by Kinga Cichewicz - Unsplash licence

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from The Perpetual Learner

Still from: King Kong (1976) Paramount Pictures/ De Laurentiis Entertainment Group


The 1976 remake of King Kong takes the basic premise of the 1933 classic and makes it, well, more '70s. Instead of a rag-tag film crew on a mission to make an unsanctioned motion picture, we have a greedy capitalist on an oil barge with a stowaway scientist in tow – off to discover an uncharted island. Little do they know that what's hiding on that island isn't oil..1

..continue reading Danny Milton's article

Students, please read the whole article before class. You will write a short review about this, or any other movie, in class.

  1. Milton, Danny, 21 April 2021 Article on Hodinkee Watching Movies The 1970s Version Of 'King Kong' Includes A Monster Of A Rolex


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Do you mourn your pink children? Once, born perfectly on your fingertips in full bloom, huddled in your stubbled embrace whereupon mid-spring's pernicious breeze fell to their duty and to their rest. They laid a path for a million lovers' aimless, self-obsessed moments in the fast, fleeting fanfare of popcorn 'til the first season of wind and storm separated the wanderers again. Mourn innumerable seasons for wind's cold force against a face We're drifting all, away and witnessing All blossoms fall and must leave stark black lines standing And they, childlike, crushed underfoot, dye on far away paths.

trumanity, 19 April 2018

Plum Blossom by Beijing Photographer, Lisheng Chang on Unsplash #poetry #eveningwalks


from The Perpetual Learner

Rice or Potatoes?

Sliced meat with green vegetables on white ceramic plate

        Most people eat rice with their meals, but I like to have potatoes instead of rice. Some people think potatoes taste bland, but I think they have their own special flavor. I like all kinds of food made from potatoes. Today, I'm going to tell you an interesting story about potato crisps, one of my favorite foods made from potatoes.

        It is said that the first potato crisp was made by George Crumm. One day, a customer complained and asked him to cook his portion of potato chips again, saying that the potato chips were too thick to eat. Crumm got very angry, so he decided to make potato chips so thin the customer would not be able to pick them up with a fork. He made very slim chips for the picky man~ However, when the chips were given to the man, the customer was very satisfied.

        In this funny story, we learn how we got a nice food from one of life's chance happenings. Around our world, there are so many foods that were made by accident. This incident about potato crisps is interesting, isn't it?

        Although some foods are popular with many people, we seldom ask ourselves who first made them or why it was first made. By questioning the curious things and eating them with their own stories, we might begin to experience them as more delicious.

Article by Syw56

Image: Sliced meat with vegetables on white ceramic plate by Dmitriy Zub - Unsplash licence

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from The Perpetual Learner

Rice and Breakfast: Are they really Important?

        As we were growing up, we were told repeatedly to eat enough rice and to include rice with our breakfast too. Were our parents correct to encourage us to eat this way?

Rice with sesame in black bowl

        There are obvious reasons to prefer rice to potatoes. I like rice more than potatoes because there are a limited number of things with which you can eat potatoes, but there are many foods that can be eaten with rice. Apart from its versatility, rice provides our bodies with essential vitamins as well as a source of carbohydrates, protein and fiber. For these reasons, we really should consider it an important part of our daily diet.

        How about breakfast? Is breakfast, really, the most important meal of the day? Eating a good meal in the morning ensures you have all the energy you need for the rest of the day. Rice is a good source of energy, and the brain needs energy as much as any other part of the body. That is why students need to eat a good breakfast. Also, if you eat breakfast, your life becomes regular. It has a big impact on one's health later in life.

Article by Iaw56

Image Rice with sesame in black bowl by Mgg Vitchakorn - Unsplash licence

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from otist

Tear these lines into bits of pain, like all the others, a paltry match before Her unrelenting charge and gain as lifting fog in advance of Searing Noon Wrestle beneath what seem a hundred feet Submit chartered-off to another place, like the others, hard extreme concrete and not your own, where all humanity needs forsake interspersed by dark red mud and etchings in blood “—someone was here, with someone or alone… Someone said something!” The concrete, the drying dust, all stinks a certainty “—Someone's etchings remain, words that compelled no-one!” —they do nothing but say we're all that remain of passion, belief, and faith the remnants of a battle lost for measly claim testaments to ill-preparedness and loss they serve a resounding lesson. As the fog descends again and you're alone with errant thoughts and the words you think of saying, and then decide are worth as much being thought alone Words rise again, wrestling to the fight beneath weightier ones, becoming feet The languishing lines turn cryptic narratives of characters that daren't speak For, "Whose life is to say, if we're none of us, the same?" You're bending now, achieving significance: “Unlives do nothing," you're repeating, “—run masked Caitiff, and fall neatly, alight! Your intersection! Your destination. Tomorrow, another. Be compelled and content.” “—your insignificance is satisfactory. Your significance, irritating!” Words of pelted heart and mind retreat sentences scurry and hide, then at noon, resiliently they fall into forms marching on with lives of their own

trumanity, 14 June 2022

A man carrying a head pan next to a makeshift Locker Lagos, Nigeria
Image: A young girl in Queens, NYC USA by Tatiana Rodriguez on unsplash

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from The Perpetual Learner

For the next few weeks, we will be reading the first in a series of hilarious books about Ben Braver. He is a boy with a good reason for failing to fit in. His classmates all have special abilities, but he doesn't. This particular adventure begins with a peanut buttercup. You will never believe any of it!

Sketch from Chapter 53 The Super Life of Ben Braver, Book I

The Plan

Our main goal is to learn a lot of funny words by reading the text and completing worksheets together in class. As we go along, we will do our best to stop laughing. As your teacher, I should set realistic expectations, and so I should remark that the first of our goals is achievable (how many is 'a lot') but the second one might not be.

Students are urged to read ten chapters before each class, and the same chapters will be covered again in class. Bring your copies of the book or e-book to class with you, as well as all your questions. Registered students can click the Class Time content for further guidance.

See you in class!

Suggested support material
  1. Marcus Emerson, 2020 The Super Life of Ben Braver RoaringBookPress Ebook
  2. Marcus Emerson, 2020 The Super Life of Ben Braver TantorAudio Audiobook
  3. Marcus Emerson Official Author's site
  4. Class time content

#adventure #childrensFiction #humor