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Long before the Third Reich appeared, Nazism had been common in the west.

There is only one sane and illogical thing to be done with a really inferior race, and that is to exterminate it. H.G. Wells

I like the British people, their colonial policy was unthinkable. Adolf Hitler

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Vladimir Putin delivered an annual address to the Federal Assembly on February 21, underscoring that his speech came at a “borderline time of drastic changes in the world, defining the future of the entire country.”1

  1. Svetlana Ekimenko, reporting for Sputnik 21 Feb 2023
  2. Presidential Address to Federal Assembly, Kremlin Website
  3. Video, RT

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if you can't help someone?

        What good is life, if we can't help others get to where they want to be?

Человек с рюкзаком пролазит через забор из колючей проволоки

        It is a blessing when we are able to lend someone a helping hand. Some may say they are always the ones who need help. They may begin to consider themselves victims, poor and of less value to the world. Though they may have less, if such is their way of thinking, their poverty is in failing to spot the opportunity to help someone else. Opportunities come our way every day. When we are focussed on our own need to the detriment of the need of others, we are at risk of missing the golden opportunities that can change not only the lives of others, but also our own.

You are special too.


Image: A man with a backpack, climbs through a barbed wire fence, by Stock Photo Man - RuPixel CC0

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At Terror Street and Agony Way

Recordings from an open reel tape of Charles Bukowski reading his poetry. I was able to source the digital audio records, compiled and entered into a database and presented at the official site – bukowski.net.

The audio on the SoundCloud playlist, along with the 'missing files', will form part of our class study. If you are registered for the appreciation and writing courses, you are eligible for the elevated access.

Open reel tape Black Sparrow Released, 1968 CDs King Mob, 1998; Black Sparrow, 2004 Recording notes: Home recording for At Terror Street and Agony Way reel-to-reel tape, December 1967

VHS Black Sparrow, 1988 Bukowski at Bellevue

The poetry read by Bukowski is published in written form, variously, in these titles. 1968 Black Sparrow Press, At Terror Street and Agony Way 1974 Black Sparrow Press, Burning in Water Drowning in Flame 1993 Harper Collins, Run With the Hunted 2007 Ecco, The Pleasures of the Damned

  1. Shot Of Red Eye – 1968:41, 1974:123, 2007:486 Audio
  2. K.O. – 1968:10, 1974:101 Audio
  3. 7th Race When The Angels Swung Low And Burned – 1968:13, 1974:104 Audio
  4. On Going Out To Get The Mail written circa 1965 – 1968:15, 1974:160 2007 (509) Audio
  5. I Wanted To Overthrow The Government But All I Brought Down Was Somebody's Wife – 1968:17, 1974:108 – Audio, 1988, 1998
  6. The Girls -
  7. The Clothing -
  8. 35 SecondsAudio
  9. The Mexican Girls -
  10. True Story written circa 1966 – Audio
  11. The Weather Is Hot On The Back Of My WatchAudio
  12. X-Pug -
  13. The Intellectual -
  14. Red And Gold Paint -
  15. Brewed And Filled By -
  16. He Even Looked Like A Nice Guy -
  17. Now -
  18. I Don't Need A Bedsheet With Slits For Eyes To Kill You In -

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bushgrad · At Terror Street and Agony Way

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Is keeping a secret from a spouse always an act of infidelity? And what cost does such a secret exact on a family (sic)?1

  1. Cohen, Leah Hager, 2011. The Grief of Others Goodreads
  2. Wang, Patrick (Director, Screenplay, Producer), 2015. The Grief of Others Official Film Site

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Forthcoming Ebook on Scribd1

The Author: I. F. Stone (1907–1989) was an American journalist and publisher. After working at the New York Post, the Nation (as editor from 1940–1946), and PM, he started his own journal, I. F. Stone’s Weekly, in 1953. This publication notably covered the New Deal, McCarthyism, the birth of Israel, and the Vietnam War. In 1999, I. F. Stone’s Weekly was voted the second-best print-journalism product of the entire twentieth century in a poll of fellow reporters. Stone also published more than a dozen books and was considered one of the most influential journalists of the post-war period.

The Legacy of I.F. Stone - Part 2 (master vimeo) from White Pine Pictures on Vimeo.

Title: The Hidden History of the Korean War, 1950–1951 By I. F. Stone and Bruce Cumings

I F Stone's book by Open Road Media


“A great journalist” raises troubling questions about the forgotten war in this courageous, controversial book—with a new introduction by Bruce Cumings (The Baltimore Sun).

“Much about the Korean War is still hidden, and much will long remain hidden. I believe I have succeeded in throwing new light on its origins.” —From the author’s preface

In 1945 US troops arrived in Korea for what would become America’s longest-lasting conflict. While history books claim without equivocation that the war lasted from 1950 to 1953, those who have actually served there know better. By closely analysing US intelligence before June 25, 1950 (the war’s official start), and the actions of key players like John Foster Dulles, General Douglas MacArthur, and Chiang Kai-shek, the great investigative reporter I. F. Stone demolishes the official story of America’s “forgotten war” by shedding new light on the tangled sequence of events that led to it.

The Hidden History of the Korean War was first published in 1952—during the Korean War—and then republished during the Vietnam War. In the 1990s, documents from the former Soviet archives became available, further illuminating this controversial period in history.

  1. Stone, I.F (1952). The Hidden History of the Korean War 1950-1951
  2. Stone, I.F. (1907–1989). Author's official site

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