What Good Is Life

if you can't help someone?

        What good is life, if we can't help others get to where they want to be?

Человек с рюкзаком пролазит через забор из колючей проволоки

        It is a blessing when we are able to lend someone a helping hand. Some may say they are always the ones who need help. They may begin to consider themselves victims, poor and of less value to the world. Though they may have less, if such is their way of thinking, their poverty is in failing to spot the opportunity to help someone else. Opportunities come our way every day. When we are focussed on our own need to the detriment of the need of others, we are at risk of missing the golden opportunities that can change not only the lives of others, but also our own.

You are special too.


Image: A man with a backpack, climbs through a barbed wire fence, by Stock Photo Man - RuPixel CC0

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