Russian Debian-based Distribution (Astra Linux)


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  1. Astra Linux Common Edition Installation Essentials
    1. Nov 2022 – version: orel-
    2. GNU/Linux Distribution Astra Linux Common Edition Write to USB using ROSA Image Writer or similar Use the guided installation and follow the prompts (Guided LVM with encryption is advised). The Red Book addresses any questions outside the information in this post.

      Consider installing the latest 'generic kernel'. After installing, set your firewall or set it up during installation.

    3. Issues with repository after upgrade
    4. Open the Info Center from start menu and note the Astra Linux version Open Synaptic package manager and disable the old sources (repositories). Create a new source to correspond with the Info Center information.

      Astra Linux Common Edition 2.12.45





      stable main contrib non-free

      Astra Linux Common Edition 2.12.44





      stable main contrib non-free

      Reference latest links from the official site.

    5. Astra Linux links
    6. Get the ROSA Image writer for win/mac or Linux here.

      Download installation ISO at Mega Cloud.

      Astra Linux official user guide.

  2. Debian non-free Sources
  3. To install the Yandex Browser, you need the Debian (buster) sources. Additionally, the stretch sources may prove useful in future. Add these sources now, and enable them only for specific packages, and install packages with careful attention to warnings. Disable them after installing whatever you need.

    Hotkeys for terminal are Meta+t (you can change it – search for fly hotkeys editor in the start menu).

    1. Add The Sources
    2. Alt+T to open a terminal, then issue this to open the sources file for editing.

      sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

      Add these lines:

      deb stretch main contrib non-free
      deb stretch-updates main contrib non-free
      deb buster main contrib non-free

    3. Import The Keys
    4. Enter these into the terminal one command at a time

      sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 648ACFD622F3D138

      sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 0E98404D386FA1D9

      sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 605C66F00D6C9793

      sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 112695A0E562B32A

      sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 54404762BBB6E853

      After adding the debian sources, update the sources.

      'sudo apt-get update'

      Now you can install this keyring from the debian sources

      sudo apt install debian-archive-keyring

  4. Yandex Browser
    1. Get the Yandex Package
    2. From the Astra Linux link, follow the “Other” link to download the Yandex Stable version or the Yandex Beta Linux deb package.

    3. Download and Install deb Package
    4. Open a terminal in the directory containing the deb package.

      cd ~/Downloads

      List the contents to see the name of the package


      (pay attention to the name of the downloaded Yandex-.deb package)


      sudo dpkg -i Yandex.deb

    5. Update FFMPEG
    6. If you installed the stable version of the browser:

      sudo /opt/yandex/browser/update-ffmpeg

      If you installed the beta version:

      sudo /opt/yandex/browser-beta/update-ffmpeg

    7. Install Other Libraries
    8. These are required for playing video from streaming sites or DRM protected content. First, enable buster sources. Then install the libraries.

      sudo apt update && sudo apt-get -t buster install libc6 libu2f-udev gstreamer1.0-libav

      Remember to disable the buster source after completing this step. Odysee videos should now play without any errors. You will need to reboot before DRM protected streaming services will work.

      This procedure is courtesy of the users at the Astra Linux Forum.

    9. Yandex Search Engine
    10. To allow for the Yandex Search engine to render English results instead of Russian ones, in the browser settings on the left of the Settings page, enter 'search engine' then Click 'Add' to create a new search engine link. Name the new entry: Yandex Provide a shortcut key eg.: yan Enter this link:

      Save the engine and set it as 'default'