Earning Garmin Connect Points

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I own two Garmin Edge cycling computers, and multiple Huawei fitness tracking devices. The Huawei Health ecosystem is always improving, and their devices are excellent and affordable. Garmin devices and the Connect platform have unique benefits too. For example, there are badges and challenges which serve to motivate me. One can accumulate points to elevate one's account to higher levels. As you see, I am still just at level 2, but I intend advancing to level 3 very soon.

If I want to add jogging or any other activities which I tracked with my Huawei watch, I sync the activity from the Huawei Health app to Strava using the Health Sync app, then upload the .FIT or .TCX activity record file back into the Garmin system. What I discovered recently is that the Garmin ecosystem only rewards points for activities tracked with a Garmin device. I for one, do not appreciate being gamed by the corporation into buying a product.

Here's my solution to earn Garmin points for all of those activities I tracked with a non-Garmin device. In principle, all you need is one Garmin device, registered to your Garmin Connect account.

  1. From the originating platform, export the fit file. In Strava, you need to download the activity by selecting “Export original”.
  2. Upload the fit file of the 'target activity' into Garmin connect
  3. Download the same target activity from Garmin Connect. This time, select the TCX format file. Now, you can delete the activity from Garmin Connect.
  4. Download an Edge-generated dummy TCX from any earlier activity
  5. At the bottom of this dummy TCX file, find the section header <Creator>...</Creator> Select all the text from that section including the opening and closing section header codes, copy with CTRL+C
  6. In the target TCX file, after </Lap> and before </Activity> insert the selected and copied content and paste it with CTRL+V
  7. Save the TCX
  8. Upload the target activity in TCX format to Garmin Connect.

You win! You keep your freedom to choose how to spend your money, AND you earn your Garmin badges.

Unfortunately, I have yet to figure out how to do the same for steps from my Huawei watch, but you may have better luck with your Fitbit or other tracking devices.

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Collecting virtual badges from reaching milestones or completing challenges and aiming to achieve a higher level is a fun way to stay motivated, maintain your fitness, healthy mind and body. I suggest you stay up to date with the monthly challenges available in Garmin Connect because Garmin points will often only accumulate to your account if you have joined a challenge.

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