Maps for Garmin Devices, Basecamp, QMapshack, etc.

It's possible to install open source maps to many Garmin GNSS1 devices. There are several projects that make the compatible file available. Each project offers unique advantages that will suit different use cases.

  1. BBBike

  2. If you find yourself in a region where you can't read the local characters, the BBBike service provides maps with Romanized place names. Furthermore, a useful map-extraction tool allows you to select the map style and area of interest before downloading the file. A script and download link is sent to your e-mail. You can re-use the script whenever you want to download an updated map. BBBike deserves and needs our support, so please chip in when you can. You can also download a separate map, showing just the contour lines, from the BBBike site.

  3. Opentopomap

  4. Opentopomap is supported by the Friedrich-Alexander-University Of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. The project doesn't accept donations, but one can register and offer whatever assistance one can. The Opentopomap site provides, IMO, the most up-to-date map images. The download process is simple. I find that having the topographical contour map from this site, and the BBBike Cycle or Openfiets map style on my Garmin device is a good solution. Downloading only the latest BBBike map and enabling both or just one of the files as I need them.

  5. Velomap

  6. Velomap and Openmtbmap have been around for a very long time. This project provides users with an installer for initial setup and for map updates. The map can then be used in Garmin's route planning software, Basecamp, on Windows or Mac computers. You can also install the map to QMapshack on Windows, Mac or Linux systems. The software suite allows one to select from a few map styles, create a separate map image for contours, a separate image for buildings, or select an area of interest before transferring the image to your device. This way, your device memory and processor needn't be burdened by a large map file. You can also see a clean map or add detail as and when you need it, on the go. Velomap's premium offering includes 20m or 10m contour lines and Romanized maps (for 'non-Latin' regions). Subscribers can also post queries in the forum.

  7. Sundry tools

    • GMapTool apply edits to any Garmin map file.
    • Transfer a map in sections with Garmin MapInstall
    • Use installed maps, plan routes, create waypoints, courses, and send these to your Garmin from the Garmin Basecamp software. Basecamp relies on MapInstall to send the map to the device.
    • Keep your Garmin updated with Garmin Express
    • Review your activities and interact with connections on Garmin Connect
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